The Ring Exchange

The ring exchange is one of the most symbolic parts of the ceremony.

As such, it's something I want to make sure to capture fully during the ceremony and after.

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I start my photographing the actual ring exchange during the ceremony in real time that gives me images of the emotion also I can get different angles like the bride looking in his eyes or the groom looking in her eyes.

 It's time for alter return images and those have to be perfect, this is the only time you can control the shot you really need.

Notice the Grooms hand is gently holding her hand from the bottom and the top  see  Photo 1

The key in all these images is that the ring has to be visual at all times.

I also had the bride bring her finger up to give direction. and give it more femininity.

I will also take a few more seconds to pull his white cuff so that it compliments the black sleeve.

Photo 2

 The engagement session is also extremely important, remember this is the first time she is receiving the ring See    Photo 2

Sweat will appear, and the hands will shake that's why it's important you ale your time.

I know the man's hand is usually large, but it gives her hand the support and grace it needs. 

Photo 3

Another angle and slightly shooting down  See Photo 3

Look how nice the cuff is styled and how nice it leads into the bottom right side of the frame.

Remember to leave room when shooting detail images.

Something like this shot for a full page of the album

will give you lots of cool ideas, like making it a low opacity image, so you can put text on it.

I like putting a heavy vignette to darken the corners.


Photo 4

This image took me a while to learn, so I will talk about it in detail   See Photo 4

[1] It's important to have the man higher than the women.

[2] I placed the women's face in a two-thirds view which means, her face is turned so you don't see the ear on the right side of the face, also I want to see only 1/4 of skin.

Step 1  Bring his hand all the way around and let it relax on her shoulder.

Step 2 Carefully cup her hand starting with her thumb and place it inside his hand. Notice how the fingers fold over nicely.

Step 3 The reason I told you to elevate the man is because I wanted his lips to her eyes, that's the tip.

The last thing I did was to tilt the camera slightly for more impact.

Photo 5

I personally like it better, when you don't have her shoulder square to the camera, so compare 4 and 5 and I hope you will agree 4 is more powerful

Don't get frustrated, these hand poses are not easy at first, I recommend you work with family members first to get a little comfortable.

Hands are extremely important, I studied from my mentor Don Blair, Monte Zucker, and the Simone's.

I am still always trying to find and learn different hand techniques.

Photo 1