Rick Ferro


Considered one of America's Top Wedding Photographers

Portrait Artist and Certified Master Photographer

Craftsman Photographer

Florida Photographic Excellence and Service Award

Kodak Gallery Award

Fuji Masterpiece Award






Still Producing the Best!

Rick has been creating Wedding images for over 40 years. Rick moved from his home in Rhode Island to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where his interest in photography started. After graduating from The Art Institute, his career began when he was hired by UPI and photographed the Miami Dolphins for 13 years. In the 1980's he opened his first premier gallery and studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  In 1989 Rick wanted a change and an opportunity to see the world, so he partnered with the Crown Monarch Cruise Line out of Palm Beach, Florida.  For three years he traveled around the world while managing the photography and lab for Crown Monarch. 

With his vast experience in photography and especially known for his romantic style of wedding photography, Walt Disney World hired Rick in 1993 to help create the Wedding Photography Department for Disney Photographic Services. In 1996 Rick opened his own studio in Orlando, Florida and starting building a reputation for teaching the "Art of Romance".

In 2001 everything in Rick's life changed when he met his wife, Deborah Broach.  They were married in 2002 and Rick moved to Jacksonville, Florida where he and Deborah, a children's photographer and artist, opened Signature Studio. Deborah known for her expertise in Photoshop, Corel Painter and Marketing joined Rick on the road teaching. They traveled the world teaching in Europe, Canada and the United States.  In 2006 they were awarded the United Nations Photographic Leadership Award by the United Nations Photographic Council.

In 2010 Rick and Deborah closed their studio and took a new direction. Deborah, wanting to spend more time with her children and grandchildren and went to work as the Marketing Director for the Broach Schools of Jacksonville, a non profit school for children with special needs. Rick continued to photograph weddings both in Orlando and is a lead photographer with Disney Photographic Services. Rick continues to teach internationally. He is a published author of over 8 books and has done many educational DVD's.